Why now is a great time to enter the Designer Awards

We are all working in extremely difficult and unpredictable times at present. The Covid-19 epidemic has knocked us sideways, but we all know we will get up again, dust ourselves off and continue with what we love doing best as soon as we can. Therefore as a kitchen,...read more

Supporting charities during the epidemic

We appreciate it’s a difficult time for charities at the moment. Here at The DS Group we know how important donations are for you to continue with your vital work. We would therefore like to offer ALL charities a helping hand with your much needed fundraising,...read more

How direct mail can help to beat the coronavirus blues

Our hard-working and dedicated direct mail team treat every mailing with the care, respect and the personal touch that all our clients deserve. Our investment in the latest technology paired with many years of expertise means that we ensure your campaigns are always...read more

Steps you can take to communicate to your customers

Who could have predicted that a virus originating in Wuhan would impact businesses in Essex? However, we all seem to find ourselves adapting to adversity, and coping with the unexpected. In these uncertain times, we are all living with travel restrictions, and...read more