Our hard-working and dedicated direct mail team treat every mailing with the care, respect and the personal touch that all our clients deserve. Our investment in the latest technology paired with many years of expertise means that we ensure your campaigns are always bespoke, targeted and measurable.

Experiential marketing

As we all know, there is a distinct lack of people in any public space. Many companies who usually push their brand forward by way of handing out free samples to the public, have had to grind their marketing to a halt.

Clearly experiential marketing is suffering a huge setback in the wake of the coronavirus. As the name suggests, experiential is all about helping customers to experience a brand. It is proven to enhance a brand and reinforce brand messages in an engaging manner. Removing this ability from the marketing mix leaves a gap. However, we have a solution…. Direct Mail

The power of direct mail

Direct mail is a tangible form of marketing. It offers, the ability to literally get your brand or company message in the hand of your customers. Like experiential, it is an engaging marketing solution.

Almost 40% of people say they display the mail they have received in their home, for example on the fridge or coffee table. Mail is also passed around the household, with close to a quarter of direct mail pieces being shared among family and friends.

Direct mail also has staying power, being kept in a household on average for 17 days. This means a single piece of mail can have a big impact and presents multiple opportunities to be seen, often over days or weeks.

Reaching households during the virus

Recent statistics show that up to a fifth of us could be at home at any one time; either in self isolation or fighting the virus, meaning your customers are waiting at home for a distraction to come through their letterbox.

Mistargeted direct mail costs UK companies £1 Billion each year

Did you know that in the UK almost 60 million pieces of direct mail are mistargeted – sent multiple times, to people who have changed address or passed away? At The DS Group, we offer a FREE ‘suppress and trace service’ which guarantees your mail is delivered to the right person, at the right location, right on time. We also check your database to avoid duplicate mailings, make sure that addresses are correct and find ways to save you money on packaging and postage.

Whatever your plan and budget, we can provide a solution that works for you. And we can reassure you that your customers will receive your mailings.

The best service for the best value.