Digital printing can offer your business a raft of advantages – from a quick turnaround to sublime quality to great value for money.

The brand logo’s done, your marketing communications have been carefully crafted with all the necessary key messages, and the imagery promoting your product or service is slick and enticing.


So, what’s next?

Well, one significant consideration is which method of printing you plump for – and it very much depends on your business need and budget. For instance, how many customers in total do you want to target? How many different audiences do you need to customise your messages for? What’s the duration of your marketing campaign? And how often do you want your existing customer base and prospects to receive refreshed and updated communications that shout about something new and show you’re a company that’s constantly moving with the times? There’s a lot to consider in terms of business need – along with the fluffier finishing touches of formats, styles, and look and feel.

And that’s where we can help. Here at The DS Group, we can guide you on what’s best for your business – and provide you with the latest printing technologies available under one roof.


Let’s start with some brief history about printing…

Lithographic is a traditional method of printing using wet ink, rubber rollers and printing plates, which was invented in the late 18th century by German author and actor Alois Senefelder as a cheap method of publishing theatrical works. For centuries, lithographic printing – or ‘litho’ as it’s also known – totally dominated the industry. That’s until digital printing started getting in on the act in the early 1990s.


So, what’s the difference?

To put it in basic layman’s terms, digital printing is the method you use when firing off a document from your computer to a printer. The imagery is captured from pixels and ‘digitised’ using a complex set of computer data that controls the amount of ink, toner and exposure replicated on paper or another surface. Press the ‘print’ button and hey, presto! When it first came on the market, digital revolutionised the print world as it brought a range of advantages. Here are five main ones:



As it requires minimal set-up and there is no need for print plates, digital printing offers a quick turnaround. There’s no drying time required either, so once it’s printed it’s ready to go.

Flexible & Customisable

It’s very easy to make changes to digital print data, so you can freely update, refresh or amend for a variety of personalised versions – great if you’re targeting different customers using an assortment of direct mail campaigns.

Low volume

Not everyone is looking for nationwide distribution. As an SME, you might only want a short to medium print run, and digital offers the perfect way to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. Whether that’s one brand awareness poster or several hundred ‘special offer’ leaflets.

Value for money

Lithographic printing requires a minimum print volume and the more you print the more cost-effective it becomes because of the higher upfront set-up cost involved, so it’s ideal for large amounts. Digital printing has a low set-up cost and allows for jobs at the whim of the client, however short the run. There’s no need to bulk stock surplus requirements or destroy out-of-date collateral, therefore you can achieve significant savings!


While litho has traditionally been the go-to option for superior results over the years, digital has improved so much over the last three decades that it’s difficult to tell between the two. The latest digital technologies have facilitated quality of the highest order rivalling litho – which is why we have invested heavily in both solutions to provide our customers, big and small, with the best of both worlds.


Take our latest digital printer for brochures, envelopes and packaging, for instance – it offers exceptional colour quality at high speed with highest quality. Clean, high-quality marketing materials faster than ever. Whatever your need, we can guide you on the best printing solution for you.


Our product list is extensive…

  • Brochures, magazines and catalogues
  • Leaflets and flyers
  • Wall planners and calendars
  • External and internal banners
  • Posters/adverts
  • Letterheads and complimentary slips
  • Business cards
  • Company newsletters
  • Branded notepads
  • Greetings cards, invitations and RSVP
  • Labels, stickers and gift tags
  • Vouchers/coupons
  • Packaging, folders and envelopes
  • Menus and place cards
  • Raffle tickets
  • Manuals
  • NCR pads
  • Invoices

And please remember, for us, no job is too big or too small.

The DS Group