The May issue of Designer magazine is out now and features a uniquely bold and positive message on its cover. In a break from its usual photographic style of cover visuals, ‘The Isolation Issue’ features the bold-yet-simple message that ‘Adversity leads to Creativity’.

The cover, reflects the overall tone of an issue of the magazine that has been produced in circumstances unlike any faced in the magazine’s 20-year history. Martin Allen-Smith, Editor of Designer, said: “The pandemic has affected everyone’s way of life and we know that business – and life in general – for all our readers has been virtually stopped in its tracks. We felt that during this very trying time, it was vital for us to do all we can to maintain our readers’ creative energy and focus on the positive outcomes that will surely emerge from these challenging times.”

“History has shown that designers often excel under constraints, so we felt that underlining how adversity can be the catalyst for creativity was an important and timely message to keep at the forefront of all our minds over the next month or two.”

The magazine’s content includes its usual mix of high-end projects and new products, plus a thought-provoking perspective from InHouse Managing Director on how design – and society at large – could be facing a period of re-evaluation and reform that could leave things in better shape than ever.

Designer magazine will continue to publish over the coming months, albeit with a greater emphasis on digital distribution to ensure that readers working from home are able to easily access the publication as usual. Clara Deeks, Publishing Director at The DS Group, said: “As a result of the prevailing global conditions, we understand that many of you may not be able to access our print edition. Therefore, the digital edition is readily available throughout all of our social media channels. We hope that our special ‘Isolation issue’ brings some respite to the challenging times we are all facing”