We are all working in extremely difficult and unpredictable times at present. The Covid-19 epidemic has knocked us sideways, but we all know we will get up again, dust ourselves off and continue with what we love doing best as soon as we can.

Therefore as a kitchen, bathroom, product, interiors, designer or architect who may be working from home, on furlough, or hopefully still managing to work on projects – now is the ideal time, to review your completed projects dating back to January 2019 and enter them into this year’s awards.

Ending 2020 as an award-winning designer will not only give you a huge career boost personally, it will benefit your business, and propel your design skills and influence to other talented designers.

For all designers, our recommendation is that you use the time that you may have available now, to strengthen your position once we’re past this pandemic, and make the most of what might otherwise be a write-off year.

The designer awards 2020 are currently open for entries. The awards are free to enter and are open for all completed projects between January 2019 and June 2020.

Enter today, and make this year count!

(The Designer Awards are wholly managed and owned by The DS Group)

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